10 Top Chicken Wing Hot Sauces

The demand for hot sauces has increased year-on-year in the UK as we Brits get a taste for all things spicy.  Our Top 10 list of chicken wing hot sauces give you an insight into this growing market as sauces from all around the world make their way to UK online and retail shops.

From everything from your run of the mill buffalo wings sauce, like Frank’s Redhot (and Original), to the ominous Grim Reaper Extract Doomday Sauce that comes with its own disclaimer (and isn’t to be messed with!), you can get up to date on the latest sauces in the market.

For ease of use, we’ve included a scale of 1 to 5 on the Scoville Richter so you don’t encounter any surprises.  If you end up trying some of these hot sauces, let us know your thoughts.

frank's hot wings sauceFrank’s Redhot® Buffalo Wings Sauce


Frank’s is one of the most popular UK hot sauces that complement not only chicken wings, but fries, pizzas and burgers.

Made with aged cayenne red peppers, this hot sauce is palatable for most people and is a safe option for those coming into the hot wings environment.

Blindin’ Buffalo Hot Wings Sauce


Vinegar based cayenne hot sauce. Medium heat a mild warmth. Perfect on fried chicken, or use on your fries for an amazing combination.

hot stuff sauceHot Stuff | Saucy Bitch | London’s Own Hot Sauce


Hot Stuff is a ballsy take on a classic hot sauce.

This saucy little number is packed with premium red jalapeños and habanero chillies, then rounded off with a generous hit of garlic.

South Devon Chilli Farm Habanero Sauce


This is their Caribbean-style sauce with all the wonderful flavour of the Habanero chilli. This sauce can be added generously as a condiment or used as an ingredient in chillies, curries, soups and stews.

Heat Rating: 4/10 (2,000-3,000 Scoville Heat Units)

chorrito hot sauceChorrito Sauce Co – Hot Honey and Bourbon


Sustainably sourced honey from the London Honey Co. is the star of this popular pizza topper which, in this case, is infused with dried Carolina Reaper peppers and finished with a splash of oaky Wild Turkey bourbon.

Chorrito Sauce Co. was started by passionate hot sauce hobbyists who create spot-on flavour combinations, and this particular one is a real crowd-pleaser. It’s a perfect way to add that ‘wow’ factor to Sicilians or other thick crust styles. We recommend you drizzle some on just before serving, and remember: A little goes a long way!

psycho juice

**PSYCHO JUICE Scotch Bonnet





  • Use Psycho Juice Daily. Apply to all food
  • You may experience pain. Do not panic
  • Pain facilitates the release of powerful endorphins from within your brain
  • Endorphins make you feel good
  • If pain symptoms persist do not lower your dosage
  • Just shut up whining and take your damn medicine

Pain Is Good #218 Louisiana Style


Deep in the Bayou on the edge of the swamp, gators sun, crawfish boil and etouffee simmers.
It was there Cajun hot sauce was born of cayenne and Tabasco peppers, where the term “cajun” meant French heritage and hot food.
That heritage has transcended the past, that pushes through the portals of time to heat, to flavour and to Mardi Gras.
Pain Is Good.

Bad Karma Sauce


Bad Karma takes the signature flavour of the original Good Karma and dials up the hot red pepper, resulting in a refreshing heat that enhances flav0urs without overwhelming them.

  • 2012 Fiery Food Challenge Winner – Hot Hot Sauce
  • 2013 Fiery Food Challenge Winner – Hot Hot Sauce
  • 2013 Scovie Award Winner – All Natural Hot Sauce
  • 2019 Fiery Food Challenge Winner – Medium Hot Sauce

melinda's ghost pepper hot sauceMelinda’s Creamy Style Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce


A delicious blend of ghost, cayenne and habanero peppers. Their philosophy is simple. Heat and flavour mean everything.

In Melinda’s Kitchen, Creamy Style things buffalo. We blend cayenne, habanero and slathered on a chicken wing.

Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce and Condiment is crafted to be a table sauce and a coating for all ghost peppers together to make the most irresistibly spicy and tangy sauce you’ve ever slathered on a chicken wing.

doomsday hot sauceGrim Reaper Extract Doomsday Sauce


This hot sauce isn’t to be messed with.

Introducing 1.6 million Scovilles Doomsday. 1 million scovilles is all the tongue can detect!
Any hotter is just pure pain for longer. This oleoresin of capsicum is not bitter like other available extracts due to the African peppers used in its manufacture.
I have used Doomsday in place of rapeseed oil for some seriously ‘hot dogs’ and believe me, the burn is sensational, but 10 mins later as it subsides, the endorphins kick in giving you that euphoric feeling.
It is not to be ingested directly, but is intended to be used as a food additive only.
Go on, pop it in the cart and have some fun…but not too much, or the reaper will come for you…


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