World Food Day at Riverside Foods

What is World Food Day

World Food Day has been an internationally celebrated day since 1979. Over the last 40+ years, 150 countries have taken part in raising awareness of starvation and poor diets experienced all around the world. Every year a different theme is highlighted usually focused around tackling world hunger, improving agricultural practices or providing access to safe water. These themes are then implemented through global campaigns, with initiatives and supporting businesses helping to see in a healthier food future for all.

Food Charities We Support

Riverside Foods supports Fareshare; a national food charity that passes on good surplus food to around 8,500 charities, that use it to support millions of people in their communities. To date, Fareshare have redistributed 54,000 tonnes of food that would have otherwise gone to waste.  At Riverside Foods, our premium quality poultry products include halal and gluten free options, meaning our donations help provide greater choice to those in need of not just food, but specialist food for wider communities. Through our support of food charity’s such as Fareshare, we hope that we can bring wider dietary options to those struggling communities that face food deprivation here in the UK.

What Can You Do To Support World Food Day?

Less of a celebration holiday and more of an awareness day, World Food Day should be spent focusing on ways to combat hunger and food poverty, and with the cost of living crisis pushing many towards a hungry reality, think locally and donate surplus food to food banks who are always in dire need of constant supplies. Although World Food Day hasn’t fully eradicated global food poverty after over 40 years, it is ever more vital to do our part, so get out there and donate!
If you’re a business that wants to tackle your food wastage by donating to FareShare, visit their website.
If you’re an individual that would like to donate money, you can visit this webpage.

Riverside Foods is a leading UK supplier of high-quality gluten-free breaded frozen chicken and turkey products. For more details about our gluten-free range, please phone +44 (0) 1691 839288 or complete our contact form.

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