Whole Muscle Range

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and especially our premium quality whole muscle range which are made with natural chicken breast cut to size.  These products are not chopped and formed and contain simply premium quality chicken breast.  Pre-cooked and frozen, they are convenient for the end user with a five-way cook option from frozen.

CB650ASouthern Fried Chicken Chunks3 x 1kg
CB645AKorma Chicken Chunks3 x 1kg
CB655ATandoori Chicken Chunks3 x 1kg
CB665ASweet Chilli Chicken Chunks3 x 1kg
CB625ACurry Chicken Chunks3 x 1kg
CB685AHot 'n' Spicy Chicken Chunks3 x 1kg
RH958ASouthern Fried Chicken Goujons3 x 1kg
CG957AChilli 'n' Ginger Chicken Goujons3 x 1kg
PG655AKorma Chicken Goujons3 x 1kg
PG755ATandoori Chicken Goujons3 x 1kg
PG855ASweet Chilli Chicken Goujons3 x 1kg
PG555ACurry Chicken Goujons3 x 1kg
RH951AHot 'n' Spicy Goujons3 x 1kg
CB675Breaded Chicken Chunks10 x 1kg
CB650Southern Fried Chicken Chunks10 x 1kg
CB600Battered Chicken Chunks10 x 1kg
RH955Breaded Chicken Goujons10 x 1kg3 x 1kg
RH958Southern Fried Chicken Goujons10 x 1kg
RH950Breaded Chicken Mini Fillets10 x 1kg3 x 1kg
RH953Southern Fried Chicken Mini Fillets10 x 1kg3 x 1kg
RH1050Breaded Chicken Frites10 x 1kg
RH1150Southern Fried Chicken Frites10 x 1kg3 x 1kg
BBQW1ABBQ Wings3 x 1kg
CK01Luxury Chicken Kiev10 x 1kg
CB400Luxury Cordon Bleu10 x 1kg
CB775Breaded Chicken Fillet 85g (also available in 120g)10 x 1kg
CB750Southern Fried Chicken Fillet 85g (also available in 120g)3 x (12 x 85g)
CB700Battered Chicken Fillet 85g (also available in 120g)10 x 1kg
RH603Breaded Chicken Escalope 120g10 x 1kg
RH503Southern Fried Chicken Escalope 120g10 x 1kg3 x (9 x 120g)

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