We are excited to announce the arrival of our premium fresh frozen, pre-cooked, and chilled turkey range.  We supply delicious turkey products to wholesalers, foodservice, sandwich and ready meal manufacturers with interest peaking throughout the Christmas period.

A new addition to our turkey range is our gluten-free products, accredited by Coeliac UK.  This halal range of turkey includes gluten free turkey escalopes and our popular gluten free turkey burgers.

All of our meats are minimally processed and we guarantee that our products will arrive fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

Looking for inspiration? Find lots of turkey recipes in our Recipe section by visiting this page.

Our turkey products are processed to IFS, BRC and Halal standards and are accredited as such. We are suppliers and importers of chilled and frozen turkey and chicken products including turkey joints, turkey bacon and turkey burgers.

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mince turkey meatball sub with cheese
40701Whole Turkey (twin packed)3500g7000g
40702Turkey Crown (bone-in with skin-on)2500g5 x 2500g
40703Turkey Breast Fillet (boneless / skinless) ~ stag1900g5 x 1900g
40704Turkey Breast Fillet (boneless / skinless)500g20 x 500g
40705Turkey Drumstick (min 700g - max 1000g) (single)900g10 x 900g
40706Turkey Drumstick (min 800g - max 950g) (twin)900g10 x 900g
40707Single Lobe (boneless with skin-on)950g10 x 950g
40708Double Lobe (boneless with skin-on)2000g5 x 2000g
40709Single Lobe (boneless with skin-on) ~ stag2400g5 x 2400g
40710Double Lobe (boneless with skin-on) ~ stag5500g2 x 5500g
40711Turkey Breast Fillet (diced)Bulk Packed1 x 10kg
40712Turkey Thigh meat (trimmed & diced)Bulk Packed1 x 10kg
40713Spicy Wings (single mid-wing)Bulk Packed1 x 10kg
40714Spicy Wings (double mid-wing / tip)Bulk Packed1 x 10kg
40715Spicy DrumettesBulk Packed1 x 10kg
40716Smoked Turkey Bacon Rashers ~ pre-cooked frozen100g50 x 100g
40717Smoked Turkey Bacon Rashers ~ pre-cooked frozen400g20 x 400g
41902Turkey Shish KebabTBCTBC
41304Turkey Minced Meat (3% fat content)500g16 x 500g
41305Turkey Minced Meat (3% fat content)1000g8 x 1000g
40720Turkey Burgers (burgers packed in units of 2)100g200g
40721Turkey Burgers (burgers packed in units of 4)100g400g
40722Turkey Breast Fillet (diced)500g18 x 500g
40723Turkey Breast Fillet (diced)1000g10 x 1000g
40724Turkey Thigh Meat (trimmed & diced)500g18 x 500g
40725Turkey Thigh Meat (trimmed & diced)1000g10 x 1000g
40213Turkey Breast Fillet Steaks400gTBC
40227Turkey Breast Fillet - steaks200gTBC
40226Turkey Breast Fillet - steaks130gTBC
40216Turkey Medallions300gTBC
40730Turkey Tenderloin - inner filletTBCTBC
41909Turkey Kebabs532gTBC
43900Turkey Kebabs400gTBC
48908Spicy Marinated Turkey Skewers470gTBC
41330Turkey MeatballsTBCTBC
GLFTK01AGluten Free Breaded Turkey Escalopes ~ GB-071 013200g3 x 5 x 200g
TK01ABreaded Turkey Escalopes200g3 x 5 x 200g
TK02ABreaded Turkey Cordon Bleu190g3 x 6 x 190g
TK03ABreaded Turkey Nuggets1kg3 x 1kg
TK04ATurkey Burgers - uncoated100g3 x 10 x 100g
TK05ABreaded Turkey Burgers 100g3 x 10 x 100g


40737Prestige Turkey Ham (Block)2kg4 x 2kg
40738Prestige Turkey Ham (Block)1kg8 x 1kg
40739Prestige Turkey Sliced Ham100g50 x 100g
40740Prestige Turkey Sliced Ham400g20 x 400g

Turkey ham made of fresh pieces of turkey thigh fillet


40741Turkey Pinta Ham (Block)2kg4 x 2kg
40742Turkey Pinta Ham (Block)1kg8 x 1kg
40743Turkey Pinta Sliced Ham100g50 x 100g
40744Turkey Pinta Sliced Ham400g20 x 400g

Smoked turkey ham made of fresh pieces of turkey thigh fillet

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