The Rising Trend of Food Trucks

With summer finally in full swing, the teems of food trucks are now out in force throughout the country.  So what’s the draw of the food truck?

The biggest bonus of having a food truck is that you’re completely mobile, you can travel anywhere that you think your customers could be.

You could go into the city at lunchtime to serve food to office workers on their breaks, or even pay to set up shop at a local festival to serve customers.

The cost of running a food truck is a lot cheaper than it is running a restaurant. Although it may cost a lot to refit a van, after that you only need to worry about the cost of your ingredients, electricity, petrol and potentially a fee for parking up in specific spots.

Established chain restaurants, including Outback, are using food trucks as catalysts to test out new items and concepts. Many new restaurants are supplying food trucks with potential new menu items and tracking how sales perform. These partnerships eliminate the need to fund and implement focus groups providing a space for natural experimentation.

The gluten-free trend is expected to continue in 2023 and will be extended to the food truck industry. Alternatives are currently being used throughout the food truck industry.

By taking your restaurant’s style and signature dish to the masses by serving it in your truck, you can encourage diners to try out your restaurant and help you capitalise on your most popular items. It is also a great way to test out new menu items.

Foot-fall traffic is a great customer base, so don’t miss out on the event circuit that offers up easy customer pickings as well as highlighting your truck and restaurant at the same time.

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