The Changing Consumer Landscape

As the awareness of food intolerances grows, offering choice to consumers with food allergies is increasingly important to caterers. Across the UK, one in 10 people now avoid gluten and a report by Mintel found 15% of households were avoiding gluten and wheat completely because they believe to do so is part of a healthy diet.

To adapt to the changing consumer landscape, Riverside Foods has launched a range of gluten-free poultry productsideal for the catering sector. Our gluten-free whole muscle chicken range includes Chicken Goujons, Chicken Chunks, Chicken Escalopes and Chicken Mini Fillets.  The products are made with 100% whole muscle, unprocessed chicken breast coated in a delicious, golden, gluten-free breadcrumb.

These products are made to rigorous standards using the best ingredients, and are clearly labelled to help identification. Riverside’s products are BRC accredited to meet the AOECS Standard for gluten-free foods, while the manufacturer operates strict standards in terms of supplier and ingredient approval, including complete traceability.  Riverside is also certified and licensed by Coeliac UK to carry the internationally recognised Crossed Grain symbol under licence number GB 071.

Managing Director Leigh Morris said: “Our gluten-free range has been created with the utmost care for customers with gluten intolerances, and we especially developed a gluten-free breadcrumb that does not compromise on taste or texture.  We felt strongly that as a dedicated supplier to the foodservice sector, we needed to develop and offer a gluten-free range to improve the choice for all consumers eating in and out of the home.”

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