National Poultry Day

Whilst dogs may be man’s best friend, chicken may be rated as the world’s most popular meat. It’s estimated that 1.89 million chickens are eat every single day in our quest to consume tasty poultry in a myriad of cuisines.  National Poultry Day celebrates this ancient tradition of animal husbandry which has made turkeys, chicken, and eggs of every variety a staple on tables all over the world.

History of National Poultry Day

National Poultry Day had humble beginnings in 1951 when the population of Versailles (in Ohio, not France!) decided to start a one-day festivity centred around poultry.  It continued to grow in popularity until 1962 when it became a two-day festival and now more than 52,000 people descend on the town each year to indulge in food, fun and festivities.

The income from the event helps to fund the park and ensure that it is maintained throughout the year, as well as making donations to important charities in excess of $700,000 over a 10-year span.

How to Celebrate National Poultry Day

There’s plenty of ways to celebrate National Poultry Day that can involve eating chicken.

Create your own poultry event

Why not celebrate with one of our recipes?

You can find a full list of our recipes in our Recipes section. We’ve worked hard to create poultry dishes from all four corners of the world so that you can enjoy all flavours.

Visit Varsailles, Ohio

National Poultry Day can be celebrated by making your way to the home of the event in Versailles, Ohio and participating in it right there. If that’s a bit of a trip for you then it’s time to start organising your own National Poultry Day celebration with your customers.

Who knows, your own town could become an important mecca for those unable to reach the home town of Versailles, Ohio! Just remember that poultry is the theme of the day, so include plenty of great meat and egg dishes.

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You can find out more about Versailles and their love of poultry at 

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