Is Spicy Food a Hot Topic?

Spicy food is a hot topic right now, with popularity growing steadily over the past few years. It certainly doesn’t seem to be a trend that will be diluting any time soon, so pay attention.

As regional cuisines have become more globalised, consumer have increasingly shown a preference for foods that incorporate heat.

In a survey conducted by Kalsec®​, more than half of consumers said that they choose spicy options for their meals. This number has doubled over the past two years, unveiling the opportunity presented by hot and spicy foods for restaurants and wholesalers in the UK.

Consumers are eating more hot and spicy foods in general, and they are looking for these kinds of products everywhere they go.

Global consumers were surveyed with more than 50 percent voting for spicy options when dining out and when making meals at home.  This number has significantly increased compared to two years earlier.

62 percent of consumers also agree that most savoury foods taste better with a level of spiciness.

Some cuisines are trending worldwide, and research shows that when asked about regional cuisines, consumers enjoy Mexican food the most, followed by Chinese, Indian and Thai food.  All are known for their incorporation of spice into their national cuisine identity.

Getting inspiration from these cuisines can help you create products that are right on trend.

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