Gluten Free Range

Our new gluten free breaded products have been created with care for customers with gluten intolerances. We especially developed a gluten free breadcrumb which does not compromise on taste or texture, in fact our gluten free breadcrumb is so light, crispy and tasty that it has become a firm favourite within our team!

Gluten free is no longer a niche market and no longer just for consumers with gluten intolerances but for a wider consumer base seeking an all round healthier diet.

We felt strongly that we, as a dedicated supplier to the foodservice and wholesale sectors, needed to develop and offer a gluten free range to improve the choice for consumers eating in and out of the home.

GLF01AGluten Free Chicken GoujonsGB-071-0013 x 1kg
GLF02AGluten Free Chicken ChunksGB-071-0023 x 1kg
GLF03AGluten Free Chicken EscalopesGB-071-0033 x 1kg
GLF04AGluten Free Chicken Mini FilletsGB-071-0043 x 1kg
GLF05AGluten Free Chicken KievGB-071-0053 x 6 x 190g
GLF400Gluten Free Chicken Cordon BleuTBC3 x 6 x 190g
GLFHS85AGluten Free Hot 'n' Spicy Chicken FilletsGB-071-0113 x 12 x 85g
GLFHS950AGluten Free Hot 'n' Spicy GoujonsGB-071-0123 x 1kg
GLFTK01Gluten Free Turkey EscalopesGB-071-0133 x 5 x 200g
TK04Gluten Free Uncoated Turkey BurgersTBC3 x 10 x 100g
BBQAGluten Free Marinated WingsGB-071-0063 x 1kg
HSW1AGluten Free Hot 'n' Spicy WingsGB-071-0073 x 1kg

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