Gluten Free Range

Our new gluten free frozen chicken and turkey products have been created with care for customers with gluten intolerances. We developed a gluten-free breadcrumb which does not compromise on taste or texture; in fact our gluten-free breadcrumb is so light, crispy and tasty that it has become a firm favourite within our team!

Our range has been fully accredited by the Coeliac UK Accreditation Scheme. Being part of the scheme and using the Coeliac UK trademark means our factory and our staff have been through strict audits and extensive training to make sure we meet Coeliac UK’s standards so you can relax and your customers can eat out in confidence.

We’re also accredited as a Halal provider by the Halal Quality Certification in Croatia (BAS 1049:2010). The slaughtering standards, methods and procedures employed throughout the production process have been certified and you can view our certificate on our Halal page.

It’s no longer a niche market and no longer just for consumers with gluten intolerances. Instead, gluten free products are being accepted and sought for by a wider consumer base seeking an all-round healthier diet.

We felt strongly that we, as a dedicated supplier to the foodservice and wholesale sectors, needed to develop and offer this product range to improve the choice for consumers eating in and out of the home.

gluten free chicken goujons
GLF01AGF Chicken GoujonsGB-071-0013 x 1kg
GLF02AGF Chicken ChunksGB-071-0023 x 1kg
GLF03AGF Chicken EscalopesGB-071-0033 x 1kg
GLF04AGF Chicken Mini FilletsGB-071-0043 x 1kg
GLF05AGF Chicken KievGB-071-0053 x 6 x 190g
GLF400GF Chicken Cordon BleuTBC3 x 6 x 190g
GLFHS85AGF Hot 'n' Spicy Chicken FilletsGB-071-0113 x 12 x 85g
GLFHS950AGF Hot 'n' Spicy GoujonsGB-071-0123 x 1kg
GLFTK01GF Turkey EscalopesGB-071-0133 x 5 x 200g
TK04GF Uncoated Turkey BurgersTBC3 x 10 x 100g
BBQAGF Marinated WingsGB-071-0063 x 1kg
HSW1AGF Hot 'n' Spicy WingsGB-071-0073 x 1kg
GLFBE01AGluten Free EdamTBC3 x 1kg

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