Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Club Sandwich

Course : Lunch/Dinner | Cuisine: American | Servings : 1 person | Cook Time : 15 minutes

Riverside Foods’ has a great range of premium quality coated chicken ready to cook.

Good food doesn’t have to be hard to cook, it just has to be satisfying for your customer!  This dish is perfect any time of day.

Our chicken goujons pair perfectly with smoked streaky bacon for a marriage made in heaven. Combine it with the other ingredients for a waffle club sandwich and you’ll be serving up a dish your customers will love!  All of our spicy chicken can be found in our Hot ‘n’ Spicy section.


  • 3 Riverside Foods Spicy Chicken Goujons
  • 2 rashers of smoky streaky turkey bacon
  • 2 waffles
  • Little gem lettuce
  • 1 tomato
  • Mayonnaise
  • Homemade coleslaw


  1. Cook the chicken as instructed.
  2. Grill the bacon and heat the waffle in the oven for 5 minutes.
  3. Take out of the oven and spread mayonnaise on the waffle.
  4. Top with lettuce, tomato, chicken and crispy bacon
  5. Complete the sandwich with the other waffle, secure with a skewer.
  6. Serve with a side of classic coleslaw.

Chefs Tip: Accompany with twice-baked sweet potato fries or some gooey macaroni cheese.

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