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ukraine-russian war

Update: Food Insecurity Drive by Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Anyone watching the news at present would be forgiven for thinking the Russia-Ukraine conflict was over. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. A country that is a mere 24-hour drive away is still being bombed into submission with millions of men, women, and children…
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popcorn chicken sides

7 Sides To Accompany Popcorn Chicken

Our breaded chicken pops come in two varieties and offer versatility to your menu.  Here are 6 sides to accompany your chicken popcorn for a bit of variety whilst minimising food stock. Our premium breaded chicken pops are made from 100% chicken breast meat and is…
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7 Sides for Chicken Kyiv

7 Sides To Accompany Chicken Kyivs

Since Ukraine has been thrust into the limelight with the Russian invasion, the support of the country has been evident throughout Europe and as a consequence, the popularity of chicken kyivs has sky-rocketed. Whilst some us wouldn’t object to a plateful of deliciously buttery chicken, we’ve…
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food trucks uk

The Rising Trend of Food Trucks

With summer finally in full swing, the teems of food trucks are now out in force throughout the country.  So what’s the draw of the food truck? The biggest bonus of having a food truck is that you’re completely mobile, you can travel anywhere that you…
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turkey bacon sandwich

Is Turkey The New Chicken?

Is turkey the new chicken? Turkey has been growing in popularity as an alternative to chicken due to its lower calorie content, lean protein and low fat percentage (with skin removed). Overall, turkey contains fewer calories and moderately more protein than chicken, except for the chicken…
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spicy food supplier

Is Spicy Food a Hot Topic?

Spicy food is a hot topic right now, with popularity growing steadily over the past few years. It certainly doesn’t seem to be a trend that will be diluting any time soon, so pay attention. As regional cuisines have become more globalised, consumer have increasingly shown…
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The Changing Consumer Landscape

As the awareness of food intolerances grows, offering choice to consumers with food allergies is increasingly important to caterers. Across the UK, one in 10 people now avoid gluten and a report by Mintel found 15% of households were avoiding gluten and wheat completely because they…
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