7 Sides To Accompany Popcorn Chicken

Our breaded chicken pops come in two varieties and offer versatility to your menu.  Here are 6 sides to accompany your chicken popcorn for a bit of variety whilst minimising food stock.

Our premium breaded chicken pops are made from 100% chicken breast meat and is a great snack to serve at any party, game night or any time of the day.

A dipping sauce

A dipping sauce is just perfect for popcorn chicken, especially the kind that hasn’t been cooked in sauces.

Ketchup, mayo, BBQ, or mustard are some common options of dipping sauce for popcorn chicken.


Coleslaw is another thing that can be served with popcorn chicken whilst keeping your menu healthier.

Mac and cheese

Macaroni cheese and chicken is da bomb! The idea of gooey cheese with fried chicken and combining it with some spice like jalapeños or buffalo sauce will make your customers go crazy for all the right reasons.

This classic combination is high in calories and fat, but it is undeniably delicious.

Fancy a recipe that’s ready to go? Check out our Mac and Cheese with Buffalo Chicken recipe.

Celery and carrot sticks

For a cool summer starter or side dish, team some chicken pops with a dip and celery and/or carrot sticks.  These work well for both sit-in restaurants as well as less formal catering such as pop-ups and weekend streetfood dining clubs.

Dips can include blue cheese, buffalo or sriracha mayo.

French fries

French fries are another common side dish for most comfort foods like burgers or fried popcorn chicken.

For a twist on a classic, try some sweet potato fries instead for an added hit of beta carotene and a slower release of carbohydrates.  If you air fry your fries, you can offer this as a ‘skinny’ or healthy option on your menu.


If you want to be fuller, then serve popcorn chicken with an American tradition; cornbread.

It is easy to make and inexpensive, and the soft texture and a slightly sweet corny flavour will definitely satisfy your palate.


Salad’s don’t have to be boring and plain. Invite colour into your life with yellow peppers, red onion, green leafy salads and cherry tomatoes for a colourful and fresh base for your chicken pops. 

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